Love is a game that two can play and both win.

Do you love success stories? I am a big fan of success stories. They always inspire me and make me think big.

Today I am going to pick one from my collection. Cheryl Feldman started out as a hair dresser, make-up artist and/or a secretary. Later she fell in love with the Salesforce platform. And now she works at a large Financial Services company as the Lead Business Systems Analyst. She oversees all requirements for their complex organization as well as manages their day to day Salesforce operations. Cheryl Feldmanbecame a Salesforce administrator, but she has absolutely no IT background or experience. Cheryl is also the founder and co-leader of the Financial Services User Group.Do you need an IT background or education to be a Salesforce expert   So here is my question, does Salesforce savviness require an IT background?The answer is NO. Why is that? I am going to reveal the secret!

  • The learning curve for Salesforce is so small compared to other IT technology.
  • Salesforce provides an excellent document library for reference. This exhaustive library answers every question you may have about Salesforce and caters to both beginners and experts.
  • If you are a geek, but hate coding, go for declarative development (Salesforce administrator). You can solve complex problems without writing even a single piece of code.
  • Those who love to do coding, become a Salesforce Developer. Happy Coding.
  • Most of the Salesforce evangelists are active participant in Success Community, Saaspie etc… You will get real time help on each and every aspect of Salesforce. Check them out.

Moreover Salesforce itself is social, just spend some time on its Twitter stream. Plus Salesforce experts are extremely nice and love answering questions (like me). So feel free to expand your knowledge by chatting with the community. So if you are thinking about picking up a technology that is easy, popular and “in”, check Salesforce out. Create an account here (It’s absolutely free!) and start exploring. Need to see more success stories? Please check out this Success story links (Customer success stories , customers and Developer Success Stories) and Community links (success community, Saaspie and salesforce.stackexchange) References:


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